Why Frontier remains the number one choice for DAB+ receivers - insider view from Frontier!

Cathy Chan, Field Application Engineering (FAE)Manager at Frontier for over fifteen years, has supported the launch of hundreds of Frontier-based DAB+ products and is thrilled to share the key reasons why choosing Frontier means opting for proven advanced technology, product excellence, innovation, and unparalleled support on a global scale.

Proven Advanced Technology

  • When a digital radio product is launched, the DAB+ receiver must be fully compliant with the range of broadcasts that will be encountered in the field. A poor receiver will generate higher returns, poor user feedback and a negative impact on the brand. DAB+ radios with the highest consumer reviews will always be powered by Frontier technology!

  • Since 2002, Frontier have been developing chips and modules, we are currently shipping our 4th generation of DAB+ chip and 10th generation module. Over 70 million units have been shipped, leading to us having the most proven digital radio technology in the world by a considerable margin.

  • Frontier solutions have maximum compliance with DAB+ broadcasters and can handle a range of real-world conditions such as low signal, DAB+ reconfiguration and compliance with small-scale DAB+ transmitters, which are increasing across regions including the United Kingdom.
  • Frontier has also developed proprietary technology to enhance the user experience. This includes:

    • BestTuneTM – combining FM and DAB+ into a single mode and service list, making it easier to find and play radio stations and listing all stations in one list without the need to change modes.

    • ActiveScanTM – Frontier devices will periodically check the DAB broadcasts and adjust so that the radio is always displaying the most up-to-date DAB service list. This also happens when the device is in standby mode, ensuring that users always have the latest service list.

    • NoiseSkipTM – Our engineers developed an ingenious solution that minimises interference by adapting the local frequencies on the chip so that they don’t interfere with any DAB signals.
  • Frontier focuses on the user experience, which leads to the best end-user reviews and user recommendations throughout the market. The heart of innovation is our engineering centre in Cambridge, where our team pushes the boundaries of what's possible in digital and connected audio and runs compliance and interop testing in our labs. Our commitment to engineering excellence ensures that our products stand at the forefront of innovation.

Turnkey solutions and reference platforms

  • Frontier creates turnkey products and fully working and qualified 3D reference samples, allowing for products to be rapidly developed and brought to market.

  • The reference samples are fully certified, which allows factories to follow the design and rapidly go to mass production with a product that will pass certifications.
  • Frontier is the only supplier of DAB solutions that creates fully working and certified reference platforms. It is commonplace to see a Frontier platform in a broadcaster that is used as their main test device for their DAB+ broadcasting.
  • Our turnkey development model also allows us to create products with minimal NRE spend for brands and factories. Extensive documentation, tools and support are provided that help to build a high-quality product without the large cost outlay associated with using some other solutions in the market.

Field expertise

  • Key to creating great end-user products is our expert team in China, who work with over a hundred suppliers, partners and factories and can support brands throughout every stage of design, factory selection, manufacturing and shipment of their products.
  • Projects are kicked off and an expert field application engineer (FAE) is assigned. This allows them to work closely with factories and ensure they build the best quality audio products by allowing our specialists to be part of the product development project at each factory.
  • Any issues are quickly resolved and customisation requests are rapidly responded to. Being located in the same region as the factory reduces lag across time zones and any communication issues that could occur. Often FAEs will be on site at factories to solve issues in real-time and check the first production run.

Strong and Stable

  • Frontier is dedicated to delivering innovative and reliable solutions to customers around the world. We have a global presence from our engineering centre in Cambridge and dedicated support in China. As part of the London AIM-listed Science Group, Frontier is a trustworthy and stable partner to supply you build a great audio product.

Curious to know more about Frontier and what sets us apart? Please visit our website frontiersmart.com or email [email protected]


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