BoomBocs breaks the mould

Launching just a few weeks ago, BoomBocs is an exciting, portable, boombox style speaker.

Listen to what happens when retro meets connectivity

13 December, 2022

Frontier started working with sound expert to the stars Jonny Williams, the man behind BoomBocs, back in 2021. One of the key reasons we wanted to get behind this was the idea of helping to create a new type of category: sitting in between traditional style DAB radios and small, sleek smart speakers.

While it’s a new type of product, the design and name is 80s inspired. With its distinct design and stand-out appeal for today’s market, BoomBocs is available in a range of five vibrant colours. And weighing just 1.43Kg, the focus is on mobility: it’s easy to carry around, and you could even pop it on your shoulder for the full boombox experience!

Frontier immediately warmed to Jonny’s fresh approach and discussed how our expertise and technology could make sure BoomBocs is packed with connectivity options. While it does feature Bluetooth ®, you’re not solely reliant on having your phone on you to use BoomBocs. You can quickly and easily switch between podcasts and internet radio, and from Bluetooth® to phone connection, to streaming services like Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music – all at the touch of a button.

“We liked Johnny because he was bringing to life such an exciting idea. When it came to collaborating on BoomBocs, we played to our strengths,” explains Prem Rajalingham, Managing Director at Frontier.

“Jonny had a clear idea of how he wanted it to look and sound, and we focused on its digital connectivity, and how to make the product smarter and get content from different sources onto the device. We also put in some other features, like Spotify Support. You can put it in your kitchen, you can walk around with it – and people are definitely going to notice it.”

We’re delighted that, with Boombocs, Frontier Smart has had a hand in creating something undoubtedly fresh and exciting for the market. Which other brands will be breaking the mould next..?

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