Frontier ActiveScan™ improves listener experience

01 November, 2022

When a DAB/DAB+ radio performs a scan, the list of stations will initially be up to date.  DAB/DAB+ station configurations are constantly being updated by the broadcasters so a station list will become out of date in a short time. This means that the station list and pre-sets that a user has setup on their device will no longer work – the user has to perform another scan and store pre-sets again, which is a poor user experience.

To solve this problem, Frontier has developed ActiveScan™, a feature that continually scans DAB multiplexes in the background and updates the stations list and pre-sets. The update process is invisible to the user and happens every hour when in standby mode.

This means that the station list is up to date and that pre-sets will always work – the end user only needs to run a DAB scan the first time they power on their device. The results of this is that customer satisfaction is increased.

ActiveScan™ is available on all Frontier DAB/DAB+ solutions.

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