NoiseSkip is available on Frontier DAB/DAB+ solutions running on Kino-Pro or Siena-Pro platforms

28 October, 2022

Interference can come from multiple sources including frequencies from other electronic devices and components, especially ones within electronic components that make up a DAB/DAB+ radio receiver.

The effects of interference to a DAB/DAB+ receiver range from loss of audio quality (often hearing gargling noises) to a complete loss of service. Experiencing interference makes listeners unhappy, especially considering one of the key benefits of DAB/DAB+ radio is to receive a clearer audio broadcast. There are examples of scenarios whereby a user returns their new DAB Radio and demands a refund.

At Frontier, we have developed NoiseSkip™, a feature that aims to reduce interference at the chip level. The software continuously monitors frequencies of surrounding electrical components within the DAB system on a chip and makes small updates to the frequencies to adapt to the currently playing DAB+ station. The results of this are a reduction in interference received on the DAB+ receiver and reduced loss of audio quality.

NoiseSkip is available on Frontier DAB/DAB+ solutions running on Kino-Pro or Siena-Pro platforms.

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