Radio industry celebrates one-year SmartRadio logo anniversary

15 July, 2021

The radio industry is celebrating the continued success of SmartRadio, fuelled by the SmartRadio logo programme and consumers’ desire to add on-demand listening to their digital radio experience.

Last month marked one year since the SmartRadio logo programme was launched. The aim of the programme is to highlight the benefits of SmartRadio devices - products that provide access to radio stations through analogue (FM), digital (DAB+), and on demand content, such as music streaming services and podcasts, over the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Over twenty new products are now in the market that bear the SmartRadio logo. Consumers increasingly understand the product category, with 9% of people answering that they are very familiar and 25% answering that they are fairly familiar with the SmartRadio product category in research commissioned by Frontier last October. The radio industry is seeing increasing demand from consumers who want to upgrade their radio experience with more content while keeping the simplicity of broadcast radio.

Examples of new products that bear the logo include:

More consumers are choosing to trade up when purchasing a digital radio so that they can take advantage of a wide range of Internet radio stations, podcasts and music streaming services. Combined with the reliability and portability of DAB+, SmartRadio provides the optimal user experience, without collecting personal data from users.

Frontier has seen increasing sales in SmartRadio and is optimistic about the future. Prem Rajalingham said ‘Frontier believes in the benefits and is aligned with the aims of the SmartRadio logo programme. By educating consumers we can spread the benefits of this simple yet powerful product category’.

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