SmartRadio helps consumers understand, identify and buy

Radios are still evolving, and becoming ‘smart’ by bringing together traditional analogue radio (FM), digital radio (DAB) and Internet connectivity. But with their wide range of features, radios can now be a little confusing for consumers when it comes to what they want and the type of product they choose to buy. 

13 December, 2022

Frontier has helped lead the initiative to establish greater clarity and consistency across radios and their description, with the purpose of educating people and assisting them with their purchases.

“When you buy a radio it could be a DAB radio, a hybrid radio, an Internet radio or a smart radio,” explains Prem Rajalingham, Managing Director t Frontier.

“We did some of our own research and also looked at other studies, and found that consumers didn’t really understand what it was all about: the difference between a DAB radio and a connected radio wasn’t clear, for example. So we worked with key industry members to agree on a term for these radios, and create a standardised logo.”

In the spring of 2020 the ‘SmartRadio’ term and logo was launched. With SmartRadios, radio is available over both FM, DAB+ and the Internet. In addition, on-demand podcast and music streaming services may also be available via an Internet connection.

Thanks to the SmartRadio logo, consumers can easily identify products, and know they offer:

  • Greater choice – you can listen to thousands of Internet radio stations from all around the world
  • Portability and availability – radio can work even without an Internet connection or poor FM/DAB+ signal, in gardens and parks to holiday homes
  • On-demand services – stream music and podcasts whenever you want
  • Future-proofing – software updates online make sure your radio stays up-to-date

The list of organisations joining the programme continues to grow, with the SmartRadio logo featuring on the packaging of more and more products and promotional material (18 brands currently support the logo, with more than 20 products on the market using the logo).

Now all people have to do is look for the SmartRadio logo – online, in store and on the box.

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