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13 April, 2021

The smart, simple solution for the ultimate radio experience

Introducing patent pending BestTuneTM from Frontier Smart Technologies

Radio has many benefits, including –

Reliable – Listeners can just turn on and listen to their favourite radio station

Feelgood factor – Listening in the background improves mood and creates a feelgood factor

At the same time, there are user frustrations –

Multiple modes - Having to switch between modes to find their favourite station and receive the best possible signal strength

Difficult to find stations – Station lists often contain duplicate entries, creating confusion for the user

BestTuneTM solves these problems by introducing -

Combined service list – Single station list showing all DAB/FM stations. Once the user has selected a station, BestTuneTM intelligently decides whether to play the DAB/DAB+ or FM station based on selecting the source which offers the best quality station. The use can manually change the selection if necessary.

Intelligent duplicate handling – All duplicate DAB services combined into a single service. This is a common problem as users are often located between multiple DAB transmitters that broadcast the same radio station. Sometimes radio stations may contain the same content but play local announcements and advertisements. BestTuneTM will combine multiple stations and present as a single station to the user, automatically using the station with the strongest signal as the default, which will be the local station.

Old now listening screen

New now listening screen

End users can easily find that radio stations that they want to listen to and will always receive the best signal strength without having to change modes. They will also have a single list of pre-sets, which will select the best source when selected.

In areas of poor reception, users will have a better chance of finding the stations that they want to listen to. FM only and DAB only stations will not be missed as they will appear in a single service list.

Going forward, if FM stations are removed, BestTuneTM will automatically play digital radio without the user needs to retune or change the mode of their radio.

All these factors will improve end user’s satisfaction with their radio.

Frontier BestTuneTM is available as a Kino 4-Pro and Siena-Pro feature.

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