Frontier unveils new collaboration behind cutting-edge AURIA Connected Audio Module

The new AURIA audio module from Frontier represents a significant leap forward in the realm of wireless audio technology. By integrating Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy Audio  5.3, it ensures unparalleled connectivity, improved audio quality and enhanced energy efficiency, delivering a superior audio experience across a range of product categories.

Frontier is not only bringing cutting-edge technology to the market but is also excited to collaborate with a leading chip supplier, Realtek. This collaboration ensures that the audio module is powered by the latest and most advanced chip technology, further enhancing its performance and reliability.



AURIA makes use of the Realtek Ameba solution to offer an integrated and powerful ARM based platform that will allow for advanced software features to be introduced to products including Apple AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Hi-Res Audio and Bluetooth Auracast. Additional functionality such as Bluetooth Low Energy Audio 5.3, Wi-Fi 6 and support for displays are also available on the AURIA solution.

Frontier’s expertise in connected audio and leadership in the consumer electronics ecosystem will allow for various brands to quickly and cost effectively bring to market products using Frontier’s turnkey hardware, software and service solutions.

Yee-Wei Huang, Vice President and Spokesman at Realtek said ‘With Frontier’s expertise in developing and delivering high quality, market leading solutions plus field engineering support in China and core engineering performed in Cambridge UK, Frontier is a strong force delivering Realtek advanced technology to the market. We look forward to achieving success together and shipping this product throughout the globe’.

Prem Rajalingham, Managing Director at Frontier said ‘There is a natural synergy between Frontier and Realtek with their expertise in developing silicon and Frontier’s expertise in creating turnkey solutions that quickly allow consumer brands to launch products to global markets. Frontier are looking forward to being the leading supplier of Connected Audio with solutions available today’.

Frontier is confident that this new audio module, combined with our strategic cooperation, will set a new standard in the audio industry.  For more information about the new module and our collaboration with Realtek, please visit or contact [email protected].

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