Connected audio

Connected Audio includes Bluetooth® internet streaming and SmartRadio and can be used to create products such as boom boxes, Wi-Fi speakers, SmartRadios and soundbars.

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Wearable products such as headphones and sports audio products can be created.

Devices are powered by Frontier Nuvola and are initially setup by the UNDOK app.

SmartRadio devices build on the reliability and simplicity of DAB+ and add connected audio features including Internet Radio, podcasts and music streaming support. Feature rich SmartRadios, Wi-Fi speakers and soundbars can be created.

Why Frontier?

We believe that live radio and on demand audio has a special place in people’s lives and that everyone in the world should be able to easily access any live and on demand audio, regardless of where they are or what they are doing.

Everything we do is aimed at enabling audio brands to offer simple and seamless access to live and on-demand audio, creating high quality, reliable solutions that will last and minimise the impact on the environment.

For Connected Audio products, we combine the simplicity and reliability of live radio with the choice and flexibility of on-demand audio, combining them into a highly integrated and reliable turnkey solution powered by our reliable back end Nuvola service and UNDOK app.

Frequently asked questions

SmartRadios combine traditional FM radio, digital DAB+ radio and Internet connectivity. Radio is available over both FM, DAB+ and the Internet. In addition, on-demand Podcast and music streaming services may also be available via the Internet connection.

Frontier solutions are controlled via the UNDOK app and physical buttons. No microphones are included as we don’t have a need to listen for people’s speech.

Frontier solutions are designed to provide audio without collecting personal information.