Connected Audio

Connected Audio includes Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connectivity to power great user experiences with options for Bluetooth® AuracastTM, multi-room audio, Hi-Res audio, music streaming services and advanced audio features.

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What is Connected Audio?

Connected Audio solutions combine the flexibility of Bluetooth® Low Energy Audio with high-tech Wi-Fi connectivity to bring audio features to electronic devices. A wide range of audio products can be created to offer users a number of new and existing use cases. These include wireless speakers, soundbars, Bluetooth® AuracastTM adapters, SmartRadios and audio systems.

Setup and control of devices are done via the Frontier OKTIV app.

Why Frontier?

We believe that live radio and on demand audio has a special place in people’s lives and that everyone in the world should be able to easily access any live and on demand audio, regardless of where they are, what they are doing or what device they are listening on.

For Connected Audio products, we combine innovative Bluetooth® Low Energy Audio and Wi-Fi to allow innovative and feature rich products to be created. Our user experience options allow brands to customise and innovate through user interface design.

Our solutions are turnkey and fully certified, allowing brands to rapidly build products and take to market.