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Reliable digital radio products can be created using Frontier DAB solutions and can power a wide range of home audio products, from basic radios to high-end Hi-Fi devices.

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As the leader of DAB+ receivers, Frontier provides solutions for automotive products that can be fitted by users after market.

AutoDAB software is added to our DAB+ chips and modules to provide automotive solutions by addressing key challenges such as mobility, service following, fast scan times, provision of up-to-date service lists and support for now playing and menu station logo.

Why Frontier?

We believe that live radio and on demand audio has a special place in people’s lives and that everyone in the world should be able to easily access any live and on demand audio, regardless of where they are or what they are doing.

Everything we do is aimed at enabling audio brands to offer simple and seamless access to live and on-demand audio, creating high quality, reliable solutions that will last and minimise the impact on the environment.

For digital radio solutions, we have focused our experience and expertise to create the world’s most reliable and fully compliant DAB+ turnkey modules and chips.

Frequently asked questions

Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) is a specification to broadcast high quality digital audio and data services for portable and fixed location receivers. It has been rolled out in over 40 countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy.

DAB+ is the latest generation of DAB and offers the ability to transmit more digital audio streams by using an encoder with greater efficiency.

Digital Switch Over (DSO) is when a region decides to move their broadcast radio infrastructure to digital only, usually switching off FM and AM transmission. This allows the region to enjoy the benefits of DAB and lower the cost by not having to support multiple broadcast infrastructures. Norway underwent DSO in 2017 and Switzerland is planning to do so in 2024.